ERP's Journal

19 Apr 2012

ERP stands for Extremely Rapid Prototyping.

Today, I almost finish my third project. So, I think I should write about the 3 projects I have done for the last 3 weeks.

The first one is I don't know what goes wrong with this one. It doesn't really attract people. lets people express political opinions anonymously.

Right now it has like 30 members. It doesn't take off like the previous version of The previous version of is very risky. It could put me in jail….

The development aspect of this one is not difficult. It's a simple website.

There are test cases to cover the basic flows, though I didn't write the test cases on Selenium because it is too slow to run tests.

Q&A website

The second one is still mine. I have been wanted to build a better web-board for Thai people. However, a web-board is too ambitious.

So, I've built a Q&A website, which looks like StackOverflow.

Its main theme is technology's questions, unlike StackOverflow, which only focus on programming.

A concrete example is someone asking about how to reset his iPhone.

The technology behinds it is kind of good. I used MongoDB with Apache Solr.

There were 2 hiccups in the development though.

I wasted a day to build a custom search engine with MongoDB. Big mistake. It's a crappy search engine. So, I have switched to Apache Solr.

Even though the word-breaking hasn't been done, it is still a good search engine.

Another hiccup is that I spent a day with a designer in order to decorate the website. Big mistake. I don't have to be present. The layout is already done by me. Decoration is just detail, which can be changed later. So, Future Tanin, don't do that anymore.

The Q&A website hasn't been launched yet. Right now I've devising a plan to approach the market.

My current plan is to generate 1,000 questions before launching.

I have built a system to import questions from other web-boards in order to accelerate the process of generating questions.

I will launch it very soon, hopefully.

Studio Stampo

The third one is an iPhone app, and it is not mine.

A girl told me about the story how she was chasing and trying to capture a picture of a bird in the sky. It was a tiring activity. So, she wanted an app that enabled her to put fake birds on a picture.

All my friends don't really understand it. Personally, I thought it was kind of stupid (no offence). But she sounded serious about running it. So, I've helped her build the first prototype.

It's a good app. If I liked to take a picture of birds, I would use it.

I've learned that people have their own perspectives. I think this idea is stupid because I am not her target users. (Well, I once thought iPhone was a stupid and overpriced product, and now I use iPhone and love it….)

I have cut down one feature from her vision. But I think my decision is justified.

She wants to sell birds on the app with the in-app purchase feature. I told her that it would take too long to do (1 full-day, I guess, since I have to read the document).

I told her that if there are more than 300 users, I will add it for her.

I'm learning to say NO directly, and, surprisingly, she took it very nicely.

Anyway, the app will not be launched this week, because we have to wait for the artwork.


This will be my fourth project with another friend. She wants to do a location-based check-in deal. It's kind of like Groupon but used through mobile phones.

Anyway, the idea is not new. Probably, more than a thousand people try to do it already.

It's all about the execution. She seems serious about it.

I will help her build and test the first prototype.

The Lessons

Probably, one lesson that I've learn from Stampo is that I should design an architecture (classes and stuffs) which is ready for changes, especially for UI's changes.

I did it pretty well though. I just need to keep going.

Loca is a bigger app with a server and web interface. Let's see if I can finish that in one week.

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