Founders at Work

22 Apr 2012

I've just finished the book “Founders at Work” today. I didn't really have time for the last 2 weeks.

I need to be a little bit more disciplined, I guess. The last 2 weeks, I need to finish some features on some projects.

Yesterday, I spent around 5 hours to finish the second half of the book.

It's a good book in a way that there are real interviews from real founders. The founders tells a lot about how they felt.

What I've learned from the book is that there are soooo many problems and conflicts. And they usually had no clues in the beginning.

But they were persistent and adaptive. Several of them didn't even plan it. They started a project as a hobby, then it took off.

Most of the founders followed almost the same path. They launched the product early, listened to the early users, then adapted along the way.

It is a good book. I got the same feeling in my startup. I can imagine that many people might encounter the same story but fail in the end.

Give it a kudos