Eliminating Procrastination using Twitter and FB

13 May 2012

Normally, when I want to achieve something, e.g. reading one book a day, I will publicly announce it on Twitter, FB, and my blog.

This is a great trick to avoid Procrastination. When you have a million unique viewers on your blog, a million followers on Twitter, and a million subscribers on FB, you don't want to embarrass yourself by not even trying the challenge, which you've just announced.

Trying and failing is not embarrassing; Not trying at all is embarrassing.

It forces you to get up and work on the challenge.

This technique is aligned with every avoid-procrastination book.

I've announced everything I want to achieve: Getting a job, Competing in CodeJam, Reading one book a day, and etc.

The catch is that you will fail some of the times. You need to practice embracing failure. Failure hurts; You know what? You are not dying; Announce a simpler challenge and try it again.

That's practically how I live my life right now.

People say Twitter and FB make them unproductive. Well, they are not using the social networks the right way :)

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