Basic skills

23 Nov 2011

As running fast required in Sport, reading fast requires some basic skills.

This is not to improve understanding while reading but to train our minds to consume information faster and longer.

There are 2 exercises I will do for the next week:

  1. Eye movement - Draw a symbol on each corner of a square. Focus on the left-top one, the right-top one, the left-bottom one, and then the right-bottom one, repeatedly for 5 minutes. If it is too easy, try to move faster.
  2. Chunking - Focus my eyes on the red dot and try to read the words around it. If it becomes too easy, increare the radius or the number of letters.


12 Oct 2011

EyeMovement: not recorded Chunking: radius=60, letters=2

13 Oct 2011

EyeMovement: 107 Chunking: radius=60 letters=2 (Still difficult for me)

15 Oct 2011

EyeMovement: 122 Chunking: radius=60 letters=2

16 Oct 2011

EyeMovement: 95 Chunking: radius=40 letters=3

19 Oct 2011

EyeMovement: 111 Chunking: radius=40 letters=3

23 Nov 2011

EyeMovement: 118 Chunking: radius=55 letters=2

4 December 2011

EyeMovement: 123

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