Don't call me a volunteer

4 Jun 2012

Ok, I've admitted it. I am probably the only one who said I was a volunteer for

I have tried many terms: Volunteering Engineer, Engineering Volunteer, and Software Engineer. (Yeah, even Software Engineer is also inaccurate.)

These terms do not sound right; They do not really express the things I'm doing.

Since nobody in our team earns any money from, and I will gain so much experience and skills out of it, it's not accurate to call myself Engineering Volunteer.

I like the term, though. It sounds beautiful.

Anyway, we are solving social problems by enabling people to help each other in a more efficient and more effective way through our platform.

The platform in the beginning is a web platform.

My main focus is to build and tweak the platform directly. The other two guys, Aseem and Yu Ming, are the visionaries and also responsible for all other stuffs, e.g. managing.

The most appropriate term is Social Engineer. It sounds beautiful, hehehe.

PS. Jimmy, the CTO of, told me 6 months ago that he was a Social Engineer.

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