100 days to die

7 Jun 2012

We've agreed to do 100-days (roughly) marathon at GIVE.sg.

Long-term productivity is a hard problem.

I'll try to reach 6 hours a day without interruption, at first. I think I will need to time the working hours. I No FB, No Twitter, No chitchat, No emails, and No weekends. (Yup, I'm that crazy)

Then, I'll try to take it up a notch to 8 hours and, maybe, 10 hours.

Let's see how it goes. I shall also log the working hours of each day.

I need to regain my focus again.

There are too many distractions in Thailand, really.

I went out for dinner every night, Gosh….

Here is the schedule

I'll need to find a breakfast place in Singapore, where it has eggs and coffee.

I'll try waking up very early and work the whole morning. I should at least achieve 4 hours.

I could achieve another 4 hours in the after noon. That'll give me like 8 hours, which is pretty good.

In the evening, I should go jogging.

And the hardest part is to go to sleep at night….

That's the rough schedule.

What would you do?

I would like to assume that I had only 100 days to live.

It's kind of true, in a way, because I'll move to Twitter on October.

And I would like to take some time off on September. I will declare September as the no-coding month.

This is the only 100 days I have with GIVE.sg, and I want to finish the platform.

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