Foodling - Find the dish

14 Dec 2011

Foodling - Find the dish

Somehow I do feel that my team has grown up by some extent. At least, we know how to draft a sounding mission statement.

After we built, so friggin' many people have told me to build the service that helps people find a restaurant. There are so many people that I start to believe that it is a good idea.

There's an enlightenment that we can leverage the way people find a restaurant and differentiate ourselves from the other website, which is

When people go to a restaurant, they do not really appreciate service or decoration. Theses are secondary properties of a restaurant.

The primary property is, of course, the food itself, and it makes much more sense to organize information around dishes; Votes, opinions, and details are on dishes, not restaurants.

The mission statement has single-purpose and solves the real problem. People normally find a restaurant in order to eat a dish. That's 2 mental steps. Why don't we let people find a dish directly? That will be 1 mental step.

However, my designer has found an identical website, It is a San-Francisco start-up. I use it a little, and I think their website has too many features. They haven't got it right yet.

The first prototype will reflect this idea. We have decided to go with iPhone App first. I have built only one iPhone App, btw. That's challenging.

I write a blog about the mission statement and I am not afraid of anybody copying it because it's all about execution and management anyway. And we are, surely, not the first one who comes up with the idea.

This is the declaration of a hackathon. I hope I'll finish it within 2 days.

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