's rejection

11 Jan 2012's rejection

Ahhh… I feel super depressed.

I really have no idea what went wrong. I finished the given task, though it was uncomfortable because I am a Windows user.

The task is to be done on a remote Linux Server. And it uses like tmux to share sessions and non-root user.

And the guy also wanted me to know about Git deeply.

I recall a moment where he asked me to split a commit, and I told him I never did that before. I kind of suggested that we skipped it because I thought it wasn't the point of the interview anyway.

Somehow I believe that I have failed the interview because the way I approached the problem. You know? I should have asked for a few minutes to learn how to split a commit.

It does not take time to learn to split a commit anyway.

Now it's time to change an attitude. If I don't know something in an interview, I'll ask for one minute to look it up on the internet.

If I cannot learn it within a few minutes, I'll tell the interviewer that. If I can, then he will be super impressed.

Oh god, I hate a rejection.

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