Interview phase is coming to an end

14 Jan 2012

Interview phase is coming to an end

I am so tired and have been excited waiting for a result after each interview. Too much excitement makes me feel tired.

Right now I'm on the third round with Facebook and Twitter. If I pass the third rounds, they will fly me to have in-house interviews.

Expensify already wants an in-house interview.

Yelp is still checking my take-home programming task, and the HR said that I would need to do 2 technical phone interviews after this.

Yammer scheduled a talk with their VP of Engineering next week. It's quite amazing given that they have 80 engineers, I still have a chance to talk to the guy at the very top.

Nextag wants me to talk to the hiring manager. I guess, after this guy, there will be some coding challenges.

Groupon and HealthTap are still quiet, even they responded to my resume already.

I am sooo tired. There have been too many interviews.. and each one takes a few emails to settle an appropriate date and time.

Strange enough, I enjoy them very much. Each interview gives me a small and focus task. And I feel super proud when I finish it.

I like small tasks and like being fed one at a time. It's my dream daily life, hahaha…

A few more weeks and this will all be over. I couldn't wait for it!

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