15 Jan 2012


Squeks.com was born around 6 months ago. It's just a website where you can click 'love' or 'hate' public figures.

What was happening with it is that it got so popular in Thailand because Thai people love to express feelings toward politicians.

They love it even more when they can write freely. However, we had to remove the freedom of writing because we were afraid of going to jails.

Out of this experience, I am pretty certain that there is a chance to disrupt the politics space. First of all, let me explain the problems of discussing politics with your friends or anybody else.

  • If you are disagree politically with someone, you will be berated, stalked or hated, even that someone is your friend.
  • People dehumanize you into sides. In Thailand, you are either a red shirt or a yellow shirt, even though you are not really part of them. If you criticize red-shirts, then you are a yellow shirt, according to the red-shirts's eyes.

There are 2 things I want to integrate into Squeks.com.

The first thing I would like to have is to let users to vote 'love' or 'hate' anonymously. This is a really good feature of Squeks.com, and we did this one in the very beginning.

Facebook is not a good place to do that because you will be hated by your friends, who are on the opposite side. Facebook Comment (attached to a web page) is even worse because public can see your opinions and they can harass you.

The second thing is that an entity that can be voted should be a topic around a single situation.

This is because even you say you are a red shirt, there is no way that you will agree in every red-shirt's action because there are so many smart and stupid red-shirts out there.

If you like Thaksin, there is no way that you agree with everything he said. (And he said many stupid stuffs, as I recall)

Squeks.com will let you express your opinions precisely about which action you agree and which action you disagree.

This will create a precise view of Thai politics's opinions, and it will reduce the degree of dehumanization. People can see the reality that everyone agrees with some red-shirts's acitons (or yellow-shirts's actions) and disagree with some of them.

And eventually, I hope, that there will be no sides anymore. There are only actions from a group of people that sometimes you agree and sometimes you disagree with.

And you cannot label people as reds or yellows anymore because there are no such things. Nobody agrees with someone 100% of the time.

This is a better future for politics, I believe, and I will push for it.

I will build this before going to San Francisco. It's a great website with a great purpose. I have to build it. Right now I cannot stop thinking about it….

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