My New Blog!

22 Mar 2012

I have decided to re-innovate my website before practicing for Google CodeJam.

Yes, it is a very weird prerequisite. I have been frustrated with poor blog engines. I have been using for a long time, but it does really fulfill my needs, for example, posting a code snippet.

There is a code-snippet Javascript that I can integrate into, but it is a poor one. And using HTML as a source is an overkill choice.

So, I have decided to re-write my blog's engine. Here are the highlights of my blog:

  • Using Markdown as a source
  • Support Code Snippet
  • Support Categorization
  • Support RSS feed
  • Support Facebook Share and Tweet

This time I will combine all my 3 blogs: the old, whowish-programming, and tanin-programming.

However, the blog is not complete. I still have other aspects of needs, for example, musical need. In the future, I'll definitely add a feature where I can embed YouTube's video into my blog.

Here are the things I want to add:

  • Support Math equations
  • Support YouTube
  • Support … (TBD)

Give it a kudos