UIGridView (iOS)

4 Mar 2012

I want a grid view to show a list of thumbnails.

The grid view should allow me to specify the number of columns and the size of a cell.

I googled around for a while and found a few of them. They are too big, their readme are to long. So, I have decided to build my own.

I named it `UIGridView`.

It is built with `UITableView`, in which each row contains many cells.

Since it is a subclass of `UITableView, the way to use it is analogous to the way you use ``UITableView```.

It supports:

  • Customizing a cell because it is simply a UIView
  • Clicking event on a cell
  • Specify the number of columns
  • Specify the size of a cell

UIGridView Screenshot

You can get the project from UIGridView.

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