26 Mar 2012

Somehow today I have come to a realization how big the privilege I have. Sometimes I just want what I want too much that I forget about how lucky and privileged I am.

My first achievement in my life was because of the privilege I had.

It was when I nailed the university-entrance exam. (It's like SAT in US) I got 100% on Math and like 90% on Physics. There were 400,000 students taking the exam that year. Only 100 were above 90% on Math.

I totally took all the credits.

What most people don't know is the amount of training I had. 6 months before the exam, during a school break, I told my parents that I would move to Chiang Mai for a month to live with my grandma.

The purpose of it was that I could focus on my study. It didn't make much sense at that time. Why would one change a city in order to study?

My parents reluctantly agreed, let me fly to Chiang Mai, and cover all of my expenses. I kept my focus intact and studied like 8 hours a day for a month.

Then, when the school started on May, I told my parents I would go to school late everyday. I would wake up at 6am, study until 10am, and then go to school. This also didn't make much sense at the time. Why wouldn't you study at school?

When teachers challenged me, I told them I had an headache and you may get a doctor's confirmation from my parents. Fortunately, my parents are doctors and somehow they agreed to play along.

I didn't study at school at all. School time is for me to relax, so that I could study hard on the next morning.

I did that for 5 months before the exam on October.

The total hours that I spent on Math and Physics were roughly 800 hours. That's a really really big number. It's probably 10 times more than a normal student spends.

If you read any top-selling book about self-improvement, the decision (go to Chiang-Mai and ignore school) I have made couldn't be more right.

If my parents didn't play along at any point of time, I would fail immediately.

I do believe that my success is largely influenced by the way my parents raise me. In other words, I am my parent's work.

They always let me do what I want and let me choose my own destiny. I could only imagine it is difficult to let their children do stupid stuffs.

I have screwed up a lot of time in my entire life. But I have also learned so many stuffs.

One way it's kind of sad that I have succeeded, not largely because of myself, but largely because of my parents. It's a little bit sad, but I can live with it :)

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