Why read faster?

23 Nov 2011

The reading skill is so fundamental to your learning rate. Almost anything you learn involves reading. So, the faster you read, the faster you can learn. Even though it is composed of 2 set of skills: Understanding words and the speed of reading.

This journey is mostly dedicated only to my reading speed. Currently, my reading speed is about 200 words per minute. That is actually kind of slow. And my reading stamina spans only around 2 hours. If I read more than 2 hours, my speed decreases drastically, my eyes are tired, and my understanding worsens.

The journey is about how I pratice to improve:

  • My reading speed
  • My reading stamina

Suprisingly, staring at words for 300-600 words per minute without trying to understand them is already very tiring.

How I practice it

The approach I use to practice improves basic skills independently:

  • Learn not to vocalize words. In other words, do not pronounce words in your mind while reading. Otherwise, you would read as fast as you can speak
  • Learn to avoid regression
  • Learn to read in chunks
  • Practice eyes movement. This improves your eyes's stamina.
  • Learn vocabulary

My ultimate goal is to read at least 600 words per minute for 2 hours. That is approximately 500 pages. Therefore, I should be able to finish 1 book a day.

This journey presents a series of practices that I have done and what I have found. It is about what technique is effective and what is not. Also, it is about my current level of reading skill. If you also wish to read faster, I hope this journey gives you some insight about reading faster.

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