Can we code painlessly?

23 Nov 2011

I believe so.

Nowsaday, with the Test-Driven-Development(TDD) approach, I feel painlessly already. This journey is about what components I have found and used to facilitate software development or coding in general. It is also about how to use specific tools for certain programming languages.

What I have found so far is that, to build software, the following tools should be used:

  • Source control
  • Automated testing at all levels, including automating user actions to test UI.
  • Automated deployment
  • Aspect-oriented programming tool
  • Code coverage tool

I will also write about refactoring and styling source code to make it simple and beautiful. Beautiful and simple code fundamentally makes software maintainable. It is absolutely necessary.

Please note that this journey is about what I have learned; it is not a tutorial to software development. Therefore, something might be missing because I already know it very well.