The Power of Now

28 Apr 2012

This is a difficult book to read.

The book uses complicated and abstract terms. For example,

  • The timeless Being
  • Unmanifested
  • We should put our attention on our Unmanifesto or Presence.

It cites all stuffs from The Bible, Buddhism, and even Physics.

It's just weird to me.

Though I guess I might try some useful tips in the book. Here are they:

  • When I feel an emotion, e.g. anger, stop and think about what I feel; Making it conscious.
  • The book suggests that we should stop the compulsive thinking and put all our attention to Presence, when doing anything.
  • The book also suggests that we should resist our pain. We shall accept the pain and make it conscious. The pain is unconscious. So, the logic from the book says that a conscious thing and unconscious thing cannot co-exist for a long time.

The book is kind of weird…