That FB recruiter is the man

31 May 2012

Today, I have been preparing my speech for the Twitter event. You can see the detail here.

I've just realized something that the FB recruiter did. And it was so considerate.

His name is Christopher Cheung, btw. If you want to apply for FB, ask for that guy. Trust me.

Here is what happened.

In that week, I was in SF/Bay Area for the onsite interviews with FB, Expensify, and Twitter.

I had an interview with FB on Monday. After the interview, I probably, a couple times, sent an email to ask for the result of the interview.

Chris didn't reply at all. He was super quiet. I thought he was busy with something else.

After my last interview, which was with Twitter, I've sent an email again to ask for the result.

At no time, on a Friday's evening, he replied that I didn't get a job offer from FB.

I didn't realize the real reason behind it until now.

He knew that I would have interviews with other companies. If he told me about the rejection, I would lose all of my confidence. Possibly, I would perform very bad in those interviews.

I've just realized that fact today. It was a classy and considerate act.

For that, he is the man!