Day 4

14 Jun 2012

I almost finished the site (again).

The things missing are:

  • Activity feed
  • Facebook Open Graph stuffs

I think I'll finish these 2 things within 2 hours. And I think I'll design the basic system for taking pledges and probably refactor the MicroAction to be more scalable.

Today, I logged 4:35 hours.

There were many things going on during the day.

Today, I finished the whole website and didn't know what to do next.

And, then I was so friggin' distracted by the scary caterpillars walking around on the floor and on the table next to me.

And then some cute girl came to talk to me borrowing pens and shits.

So, I can achieve only 4:35 hours today.

Now it's 9:50pm. My energy is depleted already… Gotta sleep now.