Day 5

15 Jun 2012

Today I spent like 4 hours.

I got stuck on FB publishing problem for like 2 hours. It was super annoying.

Then, for another 2 hours, I have designed the activity feed and completed the detail.

The website is up now. Please see:

Tomorrow, I'll work on the other 2 features.

We enable users to take a pledge and sign a petition on the website. I have to re-design the whole system in order to make those micro-actions scalable.

I have no notion of weekend any more. Any day is a normal day for me.

I feel very peaceful here though. I think about my work all day and I can work very fast. The only problem is that I need to wake up early in order to earn more hours…

And another thing is that it's friggin difficult to find green vegetables to eat around here…