Day 6

16 Jun 2012

Today my focus was very intact. I spent like 5 hours.

I feel I achieve many stuffs.

I don't really have any complaint today.

In a normal day, I'll work at the Starbucks in Yusoff Ishak for like 2-3 hours. Then, I'll walk to U-town and work for few more hours.

It's very peaceful. I hope I can fit in more hours though.

I gotta start waking up earlier.

There was one funny thing today. So, we were waiting for a bus in order to get back to our dorm, right?

Then, some guy stopped his van and asked for a direction. Then, Aseem was like “yeah yeah, you have to go that way. And, hey, our dorm is along the way. Could you give us a lift?”

Then we got into the back of the van. It smelled really weird back there. And I touched some water. We guess that they recycle something, and we were sitting on garbages…

I laughed all the way after realizing that we were basically in a trash can…