Day 15

25 Jun 2012

Today, I expanded the harddisk of GIVEAsia's server on EC2.

Can you believe that our server had only 8GB of harddisk before?

I added a 100GB EBS to it. We won't need to touch it for a long long time.

Our product guy is sick right now, and I don't have Mac. So, I didn't do anything else today.

Anyway, we did discuss what I should do tomorrow though. It's not that much.

I'll finish the whole shit tomorrow. Yeah, I will!

And about MacBook Air, I don't know if I should buy it or not.

I have a weird emotional attachment to a thing I use regularly. I cannot throw it away… I just can't…

My current laptop was bought in UK and is engraved with “Ideas are worthless”. There are so many good memories with this laptop. I don't want to throw it away.

My iPod is also engraved with “What if it is indeed love? LQ - TNN” and associated with so many good memories. Right now my iPod acts a little bit weird. I hope it doesn't die soon…