Day 23, 24, 25

6 Jul 2012

Today, I've got a newsletter from Well, I get a newsletter from them like once a week for the last 6 years.

I did apply there as a volunteer 6 years ago, but I never did anything for them. I was gonna help them build some web system.

Now I'm working for

Life is funny.

I guess I've never really given any of my dreams.

10 years ago, I also applied for a scholarship to study undergrad in NUS. I was rejected. But now I live in NUS.

It seems like I start to get what I've wanted, even it is delayed by 10 years…

Anyway, my life is still the same. I code everyday. is more and more complete everyday.

Yesterday, I was a real loser, btw. There was a super cute girl sitting opposite to me. Everything was perfect for me to talk to her. She has a Github sticker on her laptop; this means that she is a programmer. I could easily start a conversation.

But I couldn't…

Here was the feeling at the exact moment. I felt like I was stepping on a rollercoaster. (I'm scared of a rollercoaster, btw) My heart rate was going up like crazy, but my hands were cold.

It's just talking to a stranger. It couldn't be this difficult…I really have to overcome this kind of fear.