Funny poems between me and u

13 Jul 2012

It was a good conversation today with Yuki.

After that, with my depressing artistic talent :P, I've sent her an sms.

It was fun hanging out with you; I know deeply inside you feel it too. Now I know why we, 4 years ago, could be together as A & U. And we have nothing to say with a kangaroo

Then she replied:

A-chan, I have fun with you as always. It feels like every moment will be okay. Even we have nothing with a kangaroo to say, Wishing you a happy life is still my prey.

Then I replied:

I miss that kangaroo. I thought it was you. And I don't have anything to do. Bada Bada Badu...

Then she replied:

I think there are something wrong with you. How comes you think I look like kangaroo. Maybe you should go to the zoo. FYI this shit seems like dynamic too.

Man, these were the moments of our lives.

I was laughing soooo hard that I knew I had to blog about it.