Day 45

24 Jul 2012

These past 7 days I have been making some changes to the architecture of the websites.

Right now the architecture is complicated, and there are many push architectures.

I begin to realize how to manage many push architectures. The critical component that I've build is a RakeTask, which checks whether or not data is invalid. If it is invalid, then it is fixed.

I can run this RakeTask every night. However, when the database is really big, we might have some problems. Well, I'll figure that out later.

Right now is a platform, where a movement can have many types of MicroAction. I've also built a Rails' generator to generate the structure of a MicroAction.

The architecture of looks really good to me right now.

This is Day 45… I have only like 36 days left. It seems like I won't hit 100 days :'(

Life here in general is very good. My mind was occupied by a girl before, but right now she left for a vacation. My focus once is back to be completely intact!