That was stupid (RTMP server related)

7 Aug 2012

Now I know why people don't build an RTMP server in order to record a video from a Flash client. The number on reason is that the quality might be bad and we have NO control over it.

After a week and a half of writing an RTMP server, I've admitted it was pretty stupid to find a deal breaker like this one after almost finishing the server.

Nevertheless, Henry David Thoreau once said:

Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves

I've learned how to write a program in C, set up a test framework, write a Makefile, and stuffs about the non-blocking synchronous socket. And I've succeeded building an AMF0 serializer/deserializer; It has a great architecture.

Now I can write things in C, and I actually like it.

Anyway, today, I'm designing a system where user can upload an MP4 video file, which will be prepended and appended with other videos, then uploaded to Youtube.

That is really easy. I've found a tool named Avidemux, which works very well.