IE7 issues

14 Aug 2012

IE7 doesn't support display:inline-block

That's very easy to fix.

For every `display:inline-block, append ``zoom:1` anddisplay:inline``.

Or you can just use sass_fix_ie if you are using Rails.

Don't ask why. There is no reason why this problem exists and why IE exists….

Z-index's weirdness

Even if 2 layers are not overlapped, the layer above (in the code) will be behind the layer below (in the code).

This means that even the layer above contain a z-index=1 layer, it will be blocked by the below layer.

The solution is to explicitly assign z-index to everybody, and for z-index to work, you also need to assign `position:relative`.

Please note that in modern browsers, there won't be a problem. We don't need to assign z-index to everybody. Modern browsers just assume the order correctly.

Operation aborted!

This is the weirdest one.

If you have a javascript block inside `divthat modifies content inside that ``div`, IE7 reportsoperation aborted`` and show error page…

To solve it, just add `defer` to every javascript block.