14 Aug 2012

Today I have (almost) finished the new layout of GIVEAsia, and I've made it compatible with IE 7,8, and 9.

The features of GIVEAsia seem to be crystalized, though we plan to make them richer.

I really hope GIVE will fly. I can only hope because I'm only the accelerator, not the core factor of success.

I do believe they will succeed, and I only help them get there faster.

GIVE is a very special place. Our organizational chart is friggin weird. We have 2 co-founders at the top and 4 volunteers at the bottom. Right now we also add another part-time engineer, which is my friend.

The story how everyone met and works together is already friggin' romantic.

The incentives of our team are also very unprecedent; I always have a difficult time explaining why I work with GIVE and why my teammates work with GIVE.

The romance is there; the uniqueness is there; the unprecedence is there;

If we succeed, it's gonna be a great story to tell to the younger generation :)