Out of Characters

16 Aug 2012

These 3 months I have read 3 more books: Out of Characters, How to instantly connect with everyone, and The fine art of small talk.

Well, they don't really help.

The one that is interesting is Out of Characters.

The book explains many experiments that show how people react in various situations.

It shows how much people's decision depends on current context. This implies the concept that morality is not persistent, not at all.

People steal, lie and cheat depending on context, though some people might be resistant more than the others.

This is just scary even for myself. It seems to me that the only way to prevent immorality or bad acts is to manipulate environment (or external world) in a way that makes me inclined not to act immorally, even though I think my main problem is that I am amoral…

The concept in this book that really impresses me is that:

When people who have been good for all their lives commit a single bad act, they are labelled as bad. But when people who have been bad for all their lives commit a single good act, they are still labelled as bad.

The world is way too hard to live in this day.

I'm not gonna do this to people around me anymore. People can be bad and good at different times, and if most of the times they are good, I'll say they are good people.