The church's experience

19 Aug 2012

This is the second time I've gone to a church. I won't talk about beliefs and things like that here.

What I'm really impressed is the management behind a church.

Few rituals, that I have noticed, make sense in terms of Sociology.

For example, they asked new comers to stand up and show themselves. Well, a shy person like me is very reluctant to stand up. They also ask people around me to stand up with me as well.

The trick makes so much sense. It is very encouraging. I can compare the feeling when I stood up in the church and when I stood up in a classroom (where I just stood up alone and felt scared).

They also ask new comers to go and stand on the front row. You can guess it; A shepherd of a new comer also walk to the front and stand with him/her. And every new comer seems to have a shepherd.

There must be someone in the management that is very very good at Sociology and Psychology.

And as you might already know, the church has an organizational chart. The organizational chart is so grained to the level of Shepherd, which seems to be 1-on-1.

What a management!

And the songs and rhythm are the popular one. I admit that the song is not boring at all.

The sermon given is a little bit long… The analogy given is moderately good. I am inspired to a certain level.

Next weekend, I'll go there again.