Jubmoo Hackathon

31 Aug 2012

This is a 2-day hackathon to build an online multiplayer card-game Jubmoo, which is very similar to Bridge.

Right now I'm designing the server, which is Node.js + Redis.

I'm using Node.js because it seems to be good for a multi-client-to-single-server application, otherwise I would use a Java application, which is kind of painful to build.

For the database, I've chosen Redis mainly because its Pub/Sub functionality, which is super good for this turn-based card game.

For the communication, I'm using the long-polling HTTP request because it seems to be more compatible with various stuffs, for example, an application on a browser.

I think I'll be building the server and the objective-c adapter, which connects to the server.

So, I told F, my friend, that I was so inspired by Ookbee, which builds an e-book app in Thailand… long story short, we have named our server, Joomub… F deserves the complete credit.