Rental rooms

24 Nov 2011

Tonight I'm doing the very first hackathon.

I'm building a platform to connect the ones who offer rental rooms/houses and the ones who want to find rental rooms/houses.

The website is extremely simple.

Offerers have to login with Facebook in order to post offers. Offerers have to fill the name of place, the full address, price per month, type(house/single room/big room), built-in furniture, telephone number, and description. Offerers may upload one picture. Finders do not need to login. They just browse and call the offerers directly. And that is it!

There are numerous website that serves the very same purpose. I don't know them though, and I don't care. What I'm certain is that there is no one standing out. And that's the chance for us.

I'm sure a million people already conceive this idea, but none of them can execute it. If we ever learned anything from “the social network” movie at all, it is that it's all about the execution. Ideas are worthless.

By the way, I don't really care if we lose. It's just fun to build a cool and elegant website.

It's all about the management to run a successful website. It's not about programming. And I have to realize that I'm not the core of this website; the general manager is.

I think we have a good methodology now. We build only what absolutely matters. We defer other non-essential features. And we have only single focus.

We're going to need a general manager to run this website. I hope I can find a smart and passionate one soon.