Homelessness experiment

22 Nov 2012

Today I was walking to a breakfast place.. Suddenly 2 homeless guys came to talk to me.

He was very nice; He was telling about a few free dinner place that I could go and also about which area was nice to sleep (on a street).

He complained that Chinatown was too hilly for him; he preferred to sleep around Japantown.

He did not ask for money at all.

I was kind of perplexed by his behavior. I would like to believe that homelesses are not dangerous; they are just normal but unfortunate people.

There is also a homeless guy in front of the Burger King along the way home when I walk back from the Twitter HQ.

Since I don't have money, I will try this experiment: I will bring back a beef jerky and a bottle of water everyday, for a week, (Yup, they are free at Twitter HQ) and give them to that homeless guy.

Interacting with a homeless should be a good starting point to truly understand their lives.

Probably I will ask him about how he has become homeless, which is the thing I have been wanting to know for a long time.