The G(reat)IVE Migration

15 Dec 2012

Right now I'm planning on the migration from to is built with Stripes. Fortunately, we will only migrate the data. The wanted functionality is already built in

When I first volunteered with GIVE, I almost screamed when I found out that they use Java/Stripes. (Hint: I hate Java. though in any coding competition I've joined, I use Java).

At the time, the founders are okay with me building the new product, GIVEasia, on Rails + MongoDB.

It is kind of a surprise to me that GIVEasia have been progressing pretty well without me doing anything for the last 3 months. Aseem and YuMing seems to do pretty well at running a non-profit product.

On September 2012, we raised nothing… On October 2012, $50K went through GIVEasia. On November 2012, $100K went through. This month, it might be a little bit low, but I'm guessing it should be around $80K. After this sprint, we should raise much higher amount per month.

We are killing and moving everything to The users' information was already migrated like 4 months ago. I'm planning to migrate all the transactions' information as well.

We are expanding to Hong Kong and India; We are building the country-manager feature, which will allow a country manager to manage all the charities within her/his country.

And we will have to support multiple currencies as well.

I'll have 4 days during Christmas, and I want to hit all the 3 goals. Here are the summary of the 5 goals:

  • Kill (in MySQL) and move all the data to (MongoDB)
  • Launching the country-manager feature
  • Show the stat properly; The first page should have the total donation raised. On each charity, there should be total donation raised. On each user's profile, there should be the total donation as well.
  • Switch to the new twitter-cldr
  • Fix glitches:
  • The user's profile page looks really blank. Let's improve that.
  • Make comment formattable. (At least, user should be able to make a new line.)
  • Make comments/activities more scalable (right now we don't even do pagination)

Let's all pray I achieve all of them.

PS. This annoucement is for eliminating the procrastination