Learning new things

25 Dec 2013

I forgot how to pick up a new skill because I haven't really learned anything new skill anymore.

I just took a ski lesson a few days back; It took me like a while to know how to slow down on ski without using too much muscle. I heard what the instructors said, but it's difficult to internalize the instruction. I was trying a different pose based on his instruction.

Then, I found it. I should push the fore legs against the shoes and lean forward a bit. With that pose, I don't feel that I use much muscle to break.

Then, I was starting to go faster and faster every time and got used to it.

The last time I remember that I picked up a new skill was when I practiced spinning a top. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BESrFK4hQQc

This really reminds me of how to pick up a new skill.

First, you learn the theories, then, you try it yourself.

And then you try various slightly different ways to see which way works for you. This requires a little leap and courage.

Then, you'll eventually pick up a new skill.