The way I work

5 Dec 2011

I should have realized this for a long time that my style of working is very different. Anything that I have felt success usually goes like this:

  1. I declare a ridiculously-early deadline (a few days or so)
  2. I spend like 10 hours a day, a few days in a row and I still don't finish it.
  3. I miss the deadline and in turn finish it within 10 days instead. (Missed by roughly 300%)

The TOEFL test

It dated back to when I first wanted to take the TOEFL test. When I wanted to take a TOEFL test, I went to apply for the available slot.

There was only one slot left in the next 10 days. I paid for the slot and gained confidence (from God, probably) that I could learned TOEFL within 9 days. (The last day is reserved for relaxation)

Surprisingly, I didn't even know half of the grammar rules. There are 21 grammar rules, by the way. But you know, it's just following the rules and manipulating symbolic system. I am very good at that.

Ironically, that's probably why I'm not good at foreign languages, though I'm good at taking tests of it.

If I had a couple more days, I would learn to write an essay properly and earn higher score. Now I don't think that's true. By having more time, I would lose a passion to study since it was not challenging anymore.

That was what happened with my GRE test. I planned a month to study GRE. I totally failed it, partly, because it was what everybody did. The goal is not challenging enough.

The moral of the story here is that I have a short-span of focus. Don't plan the work that goes beyond 10 days.

10 hours a day for 10 days is enough to study almost any single subject.'s iPhone App

I first set out 1 day to learn Objective-C and build iPhone App.

I ended up spending 3 full days with (sleep-work cycle) and revising the whole app 1 time.

And the app is finished with good quality.