Day 0

14 Mar 2015

I've just returned my badge and my laptop today. I've walked out of the Twitter office for the last time. I couldn't believe that today would eventually come. The feeling was surreal. I feel sad and excited at the same time.

The decision to leave Twitter is a difficult one. I love working there, and I'm scared I might regret it. On another hand, I never take a long trip before. I'll leave everything. I'll become homeless. The trip feels strange to me.

I want to learn so many new things. I want to learn how to code better. I want to learn other languages. I want to learn to speak better and write better.

I want the trip to change me into a better person, a smarter person, a more productive person, a more patient person, a more disciplined person, a more considerate person, and a more empathic person.

Let the journey begin.