I want to fix my own car

10 Mar 2016

We are about to go on a long trip. We'll drive from Dillon, Colorado to San Francisco, California. It's around 1,200 miles. I wanted to make sure that my car is ready for the trip. And that was when I've realised I should have known a little bit about my car.

I googled some tips on checking on the basics, which are radiator cap, coolant fluid level, washer fluid, brake fluid, engine oil level. .But there are other things. For example, brake pads sound super important. Tire rotation also sounds important. Changing tires is also good to know.

After coming back from San Francisco, I think I'll find a workshop that can teach me this. In the mean time, I'm reading the “Auto repair for dummies” book. It's actually pretty good.

I'll report back in a month on the progress.