Job Finding Madness

27 Dec 2011

Job Finding Madness

I have so far sent a resume to:

  • Google
  • SpeakerText
  • Posterous
  • Thoughtbot
  • HealthTap (In Process, Quiet)
  • Facebook (Rejected after onsite)
  • Twitter (Got offer after onsite)
  • Nextag (Rejected after interview)
  • Expensify (Got offer after onsite)
  • Yammer (In Process, Quiet)
  • Groupon (In Process, Quiet)
  • Yelp (Rejected after finishing a take-home assignment)
  • (Rejected after 2nd interview)
  • Square (Rejected without interviews)
  • Scribd (Rejected without interviews)

Only Google and Groupon have gone public.

I guess I'm attracted to startups. According to one of the Newton's law, they are attracted to me to :P

I like the story behind a startup, the passion of a founding team, the emotional instability because it might go under, and the future prize it might reap.

I'm still sending a resume to a startup once a day. My goal is to get interviews from at least 50 companies.

If I failed all of them, that would mean I was not good enough. I would give up, practice, and build more stuffs.

I'm pretty sure that I will fit into their cultures, and I'm sure that my coding skill is good enough. I code pretty fast.

What I'm not sure about is my problem solving skill and my speaking skill :S

Gosh, I hope I can pass all the interviews.