Onsite Interviews

25 Jan 2012

Onsite Interviews

I finally get onsite interviews with Expensify, Facebook, and Twitter. These last 2 months are not really a superb experience for me.

It was like a roller-coaster ride. After a phone interview, I felt really bad. Normally, I would nail all the coding questions, but for other types of questions, I was not good at explaining them. Then, I would get an email saying that I did well and that made me super happy.

All the technology that I have done is complicated. I still remember 4 years ago when I tried to explain my hand-written recognition algorithm to a Google engineer, which, I believe, was the reason I failed that phone interview.

I still have problems with it. I never have a deep discussion about anything in English. I really need to practice on conveying the underlying principles of a website or a technology.

Every technology or website has philosophical meaning underneath. That's where the work is meaningful.

If I'm good at that, I'll get an offer from any company I interview with.

Anyway, there is still an upside to this. Somehow, interviewers seem to pick up my passion from the way I talk, I guess. I don't even know that I have more passion than other people do :S