900K tablets in Thailand

23 Feb 2012

900K tablets will be bought by Thai government and distributed to 10-years-old kids.

Everybody in Thailand keep arguing about whether or not this policy will pay off.

Well, I don't care about that

Roughly a million kids will suddenly carry tablets around. A new learning-style will emerge for sure.

This is a paradigm shift forced by Thai government. And I want to be a part of the paradigm shift.

If you are an engineer, you should take this chance as well. I call for you guys to participate in this shift.

We should, always at all time, leverage the way our children learn. At least, we, individually, should try.

You should use your free time to design and build an application that will lead a new learning-style of Thai children.

Come up with a crazy idea, try to sharpen it, implement it, and release it to the world.

Hopefully, the best app will win, and the new learning-style will enable the next-generation to be 10 times smarter than we are :D