How have I come here?

My coding journey begins in 1999 with co-founding Leaving on 2006 wanting to pursue academic life, I went to a graduate study in RWTH Aachen and The University of Edinburgh under EuMI - European Master in Informatics, which was once sponsored by Erasmus Mundus scholarship. I've written a few academic papers, which are here, here, and here. Only after these I've realized I'm more passionate about building technology that a lot of people use. It's opposite of what scientists do. Scientists discover technology, which usually takes 10 years after discovery to be useful to a lot of people. So, yeah, I don't want to do that.

After graduation, I've embarked on a journey of building consumer products. The 2 products that I was involved and I'm proud of are: (it died after the 2011 Bangkok flood ended) and Failing on several other products, I've realized that I probably don't have enough skill and discipline to build/manage/foster a product.

From 2012 until March 2015, I've been at Twitter. After Twitter, I travelled around for 6 months; Then, I moved in Dillon, CO, to learn how to ski for another 6 months. Dillon is such a beautiful place and surrounded by 3 ski resorts.

In May 2016, I've joined Google and am working ClusterFuzz (a fuzzing infrastructure for Google Chrome) and OSS-Fuzz (which fuzzes the planet of open source projects). In Oct 2017, I've moved to Seattle and joined App Engine Flex.